To Our Valued Patients in Maryland,

With Adult-Use sales coming July 1st in Maryland, you may see an increase of traffic in your store, and we want to assure you that this transition won’t affect your medical needs or interactions with your favorite staff. Our priority is, and always will be, ensuring that you have access to your medicine!

Here are a few things you should know…

Exclusive Medical Entrances
We have dedicated the entrances currently used at both stores to medical patients only, and will be opening new entrances with separate lines for adult-use customers.

Exclusive Medical Checkout Lanes
We will dedicated registers for our medical patients at each of our locations to make sure we can serve you quickly and efficiently.

Patient Counseling
We continue to offer patient counseling with our Clinical Director, Dr. Helen Kerr. Since Medical Cannabis became available in Maryland in 2017, Clinical Director, Helen Kerr, PharmD has assisted medical cannabis patients in understanding how cannabis may help improve their quality of life. Now, Dr. Helen provides these same services to our Adult Use customers who may want to consider using cannabis to help with their chronic medical issues. Email to set up your confidential consultation!

Product Pricing & Discounts
Our goal is to provide you with affordable options in our dispensary. Our prices will continue to reflect our wholesale costs. We will continue to offer everyday discounts to our veterans (22% off), 60+ seniors (10% off), and cannabis industry workers (20% off).
Starting 7/1/23, we will be offering 20% off to all medical patients on Mondays & Tuesdays each week.
(Discounts cannot be stacked. Discounts are subject to change at any time.)

Home Delivery
We will continue to offer home delivery for medical patients only. To learn more about the delivery program please click here.

We continue to offer, and encourage, pre-orders from our website menus. We recommend placing pre-orders to keep the in-store process moving quickly and efficiently!

Thank you for your continued trust in us. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to seeing you soon!

For our Adult-Use F.A.Q. page, click here.

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