Virginia Return Policy

Return Policy gLeaf Medical of Virginia Facilities

Returns and exchanges will only be accepted within 30 days of purchase.
 – Batteries, devices and accessory returns will be accepted within 90 days of purchase.

Refunds and exchanges will only be offered for defective cartridges, such as those that are leaking, or not pulling.

Refunds and exchanges for flower will only be offered if the package is contaminated with a non-cannabis product, such as hair or piece of debris.

Refunds/exchanges must be approved by the manager/pharmacist on duty prior to being processed.

Returns will not be accepted based on effects or feeling preferences.

In the event of a dispensing error or recall a refund or exchange must be offered.

Discounts may be given at manager/pharmacist discretion.

Once you have left gLeaf property a return can’t be done unless you have already gone through the email process.

Return/exchange requests will only be accepted in store, no returns will be accepted through a delivery order.


How to Facilitate a Return or Exchange

Step ONE: Take a photo of your product that is defective

Step TWO: Contact the store you purchased the product from directly with a brief description.
(Please allow our management team 48-72 hours to respond.)

Step THREE: After you get the OK to bring your defective product back in, come see us! Bring the product in its original packaging and place it in the original black bag if you have it.
(Alert security & reception regarding your return upon arrival, & they will send you to a dispensary manager.)