Ohio Return Policy

In the event of a dispensing error or recall, please contact the dispensary immediately to arrange for a return at your earliest convenience. There will be no charge associated with a return related to a recall or dispensing error.

If a patient wishes to return any medical marijuana for reasons other than a recall or dispensing error, the dispensary cannot issue any refunds. Dispensary will charge $20 dollars per return visit and 1 item returned, and an additional $5 for any other item returned after the return of the initial item. Such returns unrelated to a recall or dispensing error will only be processed on Wednesdays between 10am-5pm and must be scheduled in advance below

The patient will schedule the return for their next available Wednesday, as returns will be completed ONLY on Wednesdays from 10a.m. to 5p.m, and are handled, managed and recorded by the Designated Representative.

Need to issue a return? Please fill out the form below and then call us to schedule your return.


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Return Request Form

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